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RIP Jagoda Murczyńska
Our wonderful colleague and dearest friend with whom we shared our passion for cinema and created the Festival for almost a decade.
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Radio Asia Academy 8-9 December

Workshops of Sri Lankan ritual dances and rhythms, lesson of Indian bhangra, film journey with Kink Gong and a talk with the Japanese duo Tenniscoats – here is off-concert proposal of the Radio Asia Festival.

During the festival weekend, we would like to invite you to TR Warsaw, where on Saturday, December 8, practical music workshops will be conducted by the Baliphonics team, the RSVP Bhangra band will teach how to dance Indian Bhangra. On Sunday afternoon, we suggest an informal interview and  jam-session with Tennisoats  and a screening of the film documenting the musical expedition of Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong) in search of disappearing sounds and traditions. Admission to all events of the Radio Asia Academy is free.

December 8-9, 2018

TR Warszawa, Marszałkowska 8

free entrance

Baliphonics – ritual dances and rhythms of Sri Lanka

8 December, 2 PM – 4 PM, TR Warszawa

A workshop devoted to drum and dance rituals from the south of Sri Lanka. An encounter with trans rites casting out the bad spirits and calling in the forces of good.

Workshop in English.



RSVP Bhangra – bhangra lesson

8 December, 4:30 PM – 6 PM, TR Warszawa

A meeting devoted to learning bhangra – an energetic dance form from Punjab. The dance itself requires a certain level fitness, as it is based on lots of jumping and energetic arm swinging. It brings a lot of joy and a rewarding fatigue.

Workshop in English.



Japanese musical DIY – a meeting with Tenniscoats

9 December, 3 PM – 4 PM, TR Warszawa

They don't play J-pop, they don't have a manager or a website. What they do have are three successful albums, hundreds of thrilling concerts, collaborations with the most notorious members of the alternative scene in Japan, and thousands of devoted fans at home and abroad. We invite you for a talk with the Japanese duo, during which they will discuss their peculiar career path.



Film screening and meeting with Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong)

Small Path Music, dir. David A. Harris, China 2013, 56'

China 2013, 56'

9 December, 4:30 PM – 6 PM, TR Warszawa

A screening of the film documenting the process of recording the disappearing music of ethnic minorities from East and Southeast Asia. The story of Laurent Jeanneau, who traveling through Asia, creates a unique collection of sounds.


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