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Mouth & Hand Studio (South Korea)

20 Dec 2017, TR WARSZAWA

About the event

Mouth & Hand Studio is a five-person band from Seoul, whose leader, Lee Sueng-hee, known from the Be-Being project, is a pansori vocalist. The art of pansori is a traditional one-voice opera. All the roles are played by one singer, who tells stories, performs dialogues, makes onomatopoeic sounds, but most importantly sings the songs. The whole life of pansori vocalists is centered around voice exercises. To achieve the perfect sound, the old masters practiced by a waterfall. If the voice was heard over the roar of the falling water, the artist was ready to perform publicly. A mature pansori singer is able to convey a full spectrum of emotions and aesthetic experiences – from blatant ugliness to ecstatic beauty. The only prop used in a pansori performance is a fan.

For Mouth & Hand Studio, the art of pansori is a starting point leading to further exploration of modern music. They play the Korean songs using not just the traditional buk drum, but also Korean ziters and accordions. The pieces start off as traditional, and continue to take on trans, minimalist forms, finally releasing unbridled expression and shamanic wildness.


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