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Kande (Indonesia)

19 Dec 2017, TR WARSZAWA

About the event

Kande is a band of eight, whose passion and stage energy leaves no one unmoved. Three guitars, five traditional drums, and the unbridled vocals, create an explosive, danceworthy mixture of Indonesian folklore, sufi mysticism, rock zest, and jazz improvisations.

Kande - Lagu Aceh

Kande - RAPA'i

The musicians come from Aceh, a unique territory in Indonesia, situated at the northern end of Sumatra. For decades, the most popular types of music in the region were the dangdut, a hybrid of Indonesian pop, and Indian covers. They almost entirely dominated the traditional Acehnese music, which has been neglected by the audiences, despite the richness of its melodies, and the original instruments.

The unique folklore of Aceh has found its enthusiasts, who breathed new air into the local music traditions. Rafly, the vocalist, and his band Kande, gave XVI-century sufi influences a rock twist, combining electric guitars with native instruments. Kande's repertoire is built mostly around old poems and lullabies sung in Aceh. The band makes it their mission to use this complex, nuanced language, which is slowly being forgotten by the young generation.

Kande's concert is a part of EUROPALIA INDONESIA


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