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Nguyen Le & Ngo Hong Quang

22 Dec 2015, Hydrozagadka

About the event

It is a unique meeting of a world famous master of jazz guitar, and a singer and virtuoso of traditional Vietnamese instruments. A fusion of South-Asian folk music, classic rock, and jazz improvisation. A special concert by a duet which, in the pursuit of perfection, transcends generic borders and combines world music traditions, creating a dynamic, energetic sound.

Mina Zuki (Nguyen Le & Mieko Miyazaki)

Hen Ho (Nguyen Le & Mieko Miyazaki)

Nguyen Le, a composer, guitar player, and a frequent guest at American and European music scenes, is the leader of bands featuring the biggest names of jazz and world music. He released several author records and was a guest soloist on many more. His most famous album is the 2011 “Songs of Freedom”, an exotic and eccentric variation on 1970s hits. Other renown and acclaimed titles include “Tales For Vietnam”, “Three Trios”, or “Walking On Tiger's Tail”. Nguyen Le worked with a number of first-league jazz musicians, including Dee Dee Bridgewater, Quincy Jones, Uri Cain Johnny Griffin, Trilok Gurtu, or John McLaughlin.

Ngo Hong Qang comes from a small village in Northern Vietnam. Already as a child, he started playing Dan Nhi, Dan Bau, and Dan Tinh – lutes used in Vietnamese folk music. After graduating from Hanoi National Conservatory, he went on to study composing in Amsterdam. His passion is combining traditional music and modern forms.

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