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Maltese Rock

support: SkaDyktator
7 Feb 2016, Hybrydy

About the event

Asian concert in Hybrydy club for the Asian New Year of the Monkey 2016.

February 7th, Sunday, Hybrydy club

  • 19:00 - support: SkaDyktator i Jego Kosmiczne Combo (Poland)

  • 20:00 - Maltese Rock (Japan, Okinawa)


  • 30 PLN - advance sale only online

  • 35 PLN - on the day of the concert, available at the club

  • 55 PLN - a pass for Asian new Year (concert + films), only available online

Maltese Rock (JP)

Despite its name, the band neither plays rock nor comes from Malta. Maltese Rock is a group from Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan. The band was initiated in 1997 by Morito, composer and lyricist. The work of Maltese Rock combines punk-rock, blues and folk with traditional music from Okinawa (Okinawa minyo).

The most characteristic element of the band's sound is the low, mournful voice of Morito - Tom Waits sounds delightfully sweet in comparison. Morito's eclectic compositions balance between Japanese street music and classic punk-rock, surprising with unexpected changes in tempo and mood. The lyrics, often growled out, usually take up social issues, which ties to the musicians' strong engagement in local activism on Okinawa. They had their part in the revitalization of a historic Sakaemachi market in Naha, now an alternative culture center.

In December 2015 they released their latest album, "Downtown Parade."

Maltese Rock performs in the following set: Morito - voice, guitar, Akane Itoman - alto and tenor saxophone, Kaori Seudom - morin huur (Mongolian 2-string fiddle), Hallz - guitar, Kazuya "gacha" Uechi - double bass, Yusaku Komesu - drums.

SkaDyktator i Jego Kosmiczne Combo

Performing before the guests from Japan is SkaDyktator i Jego Kosmiczne Combo, with a special set inspired by the music of the Far East. SkaDyktator plays ska, jazz, rocksteady, reggae, surprising the audience with electrical improvisation and the spontaneity of their concerts.

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