Pięć Smaków w Domu
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Midori Hirano (Japan)

Modern minimalism, ambient electronics, and the subtle sounds of the piano
6 Dec 2018, TR WARSZAWA

Tickets   (Midori Hirano / Masayoshi Fujita, Jan Jelinek)

6 Dec 2018
6 Dec

About the event

Midori Hirano is a pianist, composer, and producer. She played the piano from an early age, and later went on to specialize in it at the music academy. Her compositions are based on the combination of the sounds of acoustic instruments, such as the piano, the strings, or the guitar, with an experimental mixture of contemporary, digital sounds, and subtly processed field recordings.
Hirano’s first two albums were released by a Japanese label noble. The second one, "klo: yuri" (2008) was praised by international media and resulted in numerous concerts in Japan and Europe. The artist composes music for films, video art, and dance performances. She currently lives in Berlin, and her third album "Minor Planet" was released by a German label Sonic Pieces in September 2016.

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