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RSVP Bhangra (India/UK)

Energetic encounter with Punjabi music
7 Dec 2018, Pogłos

About the event

This five-man band combines traditional folk music from Punjab with Western rock chic, creating an irresistible high-energy dance mix. The sounds, beefed up by the classic rock instruments, bringing to mind dancing scenes from Bollywood movies, have charmed the audiences of numerous music festivals. The collective craze triggered by their performances at Glastonbury, Boomtown, or Womad, prove that the group’s enthusiasm and energy are highly contagious.

All members of RSVP Bhangra come from a family deeply rooted in authentic music traditions, passed from generation to generation. But this does not stop them from experimenting an innovating. Prepare for interactive vibrations and the journey into the world of Big Bhangra Beats!

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