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Tenniscoats (Japan)

Avant-pop duo from Japan
8 Dec 2018, TR WARSZAWA

Tickets   (Tenniscoats / Hyunjin Bek & Kimoki Saturnballad)

8 Dec 2018
8 Dec

About the event

Tenniscoats are a Japanese duo made up of Saya and Takashi Ueno. Their music is a combination of folk, gentle psychedelics, and dreamy indie, which the artists like to describe as avant-pop. They are one of the most hipsterish bands of the Japanese underground scene. Their music is simple, unaffected, and genuine. The duo is not interested in inflated solos or complex compositions, instead playing with pure, heartwarmingly positive energy. Their work is appreciated by a number of renown artists, including Takashi Ueno, Bill Wells, DJ Klock, and Kazumi Nikaidoh, who eagerly join them in the studio and on stage.

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