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Hyunjin Bek & Kimoki Saturnballad (South Korea)

Jazz-inspired project of the unpredictable leader of UhUhBoo
8 Dec 2018, TR WARSZAWA

Tickets   (Tenniscoats / Hyunjin Bek & Kimoki Saturnballad)

8 Dec 2018
8 Dec

About the event

Hyunjin Bek is an artist with extremely broad interests – he works in the fields of visual art, film, theater, poetry, and music. Graduate of the sculpture department of the Seoul Institute of the Arts, he worked with the cult Arario gallery in Seoul. His works were shown in China, UK, and Italy.
His first music project, UHUHBOO, is considered to be the most eccentric band in South Korea. The band’s music found its way to Pina Bausch’s performance and Park Chan-wook’s films. The Polish audiences had a chance to experience the unparalleled stage expression of the band’s leader in 2013, during the unforgettable concert in Warsaw. Apart from the four albums Hyunjin Bek created with UhUhBoo, he has also recorded a nostalgic solo LP, and a 2015 album made with Bahngbek Duo. Now the artist is working on new material with Kimoki Saturnballad – his wailing voice will be accompanied by melancholic sounds of the piano, double bass, and saxophone. This is the album he is going to present at the Radio Asia concert.

Hyunjin Bek with UhUhBoo Project during concert in Warsaw, 2013.

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