Pięć Smaków w Domu
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Jan Jelinek & Asuna Arashi

Meditative ambient, throbbing electronics


4 Dec 2019
4 Dec
5 Dec 2019
5 Dec

About the event

Signals Bulletin – a joint album by Jan Jelinek and Asuna, was released on April 2019 by the Fatiche studio. The album, created over three years, is the result of sessions that took place in Germany and Japan. The artists met during a concert at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Asuna’s home town, Kazanawa. Six years later, after a few joint concerts and spending countless hours in the studio, the recordings of Jelinek and Asuna’s compositions saw the light of day. The Warsaw concerts are their first meeting after completing the record and the world premiere of the new material!

The meandering drones of Asuna’s organs come together with Jelinek’s throbbing synthesizer and sound loops, creating thick superspaces based on the whole width of the harmonic arch. The massive, stretched waves, enveloped in electronic mist create a stunning, meditative landscape. Futuristic synthesizers, bass loops, drifting sound portions, sparks, and cascades of subtle pitch changes bring to mind a limitless flight in space – pleasing to the ear and engaging for the imagination.

Jan Jelinek needs no introduction. The artist, once a member of a club scene, now focuses on creating musical textures, transforming the sound, translating the parameters of canonical pieces of popular music into abstract electronics. Asuna Arashi is a music performer, author of spectacular installations using a hundred keyboards or a hundred musical toys. The master of long sounds, meditative bourdons, and doctoring the instruments with duck tape.

Jan Jelinek & Arashi Asuna

TR Warszawa / Marszałkowska 8

December 4 and 5, 8 PM

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