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Unsounded Sound Project

Shaman rituals, contemplative sounds
7 Dec 2019, TR WARSZAWA


7 Dec 2019
7 Dec

About the event

Unsounded Sound Project is a new venture of four remarkable Korean musicians and singers. The makeup of the project is quite unexpected – the scene will host both gayageum, a classic zither, and shaman drums. An authentic shaman ritual, gut, will become a part of the concert. The shaman performing it (mudang), dressed in colorful robes symbolizing the five elements, and a characteristic hat with a brim, will contact the ghosts through trans, dance, complex ceremonies, and moving muga songs, performed to the accompaniment of drums. The songs have a special power of winning over otherworldly powers, and performed in a duet, as will happen during the concert, have a very strong impact both on the ghosts, and the audiences. The performance of the Unsounded Sound Project will also be an opportunity to discover the lighter musical forms traditionally used in Korea, such as minyo – folk song. But for the band, the traditional music of Korea is the basis for their own discoveries – the traditional elements are woven into a modern, minimalistic form. We recommend the concert of Unsounded Sound Project to everyone looking for meditative sounds and intense experiences. The highest standard of performance will satisfy even the most particular connoisseurs.



Unsounded Sound Project

TR Warszawa / Marszałkowska 8

December 7, 8 PM


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