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Go Go Machine Orchestra

Musical tsunami, hypnotic minimalism
8 Dec 2019, TR WARSZAWA


8 Dec 2019
8 Dec

About the event

Go Go Machine Orchestra is a five-person band created just two years ago in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is comprised of classically trained musicians, fascinated by Steve Reich. The group’s motto is a quote by the design legend, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe „less is more.” Go Go Machine Orchestra translates the architectural concept of the master of minimalism into the language of music: high quality, simplicity and lack of ornaments, rhythmicity and monumentality combined with casual lightness. The powerful, unrestricted, at times majestic sounds of the band fully deserve the name of orchestral music. The repetitive parts of each instrument, and the seemingly looped, unraveling motifs overlap, creating the impression of a gigantic machinery, an enormous, yet weightless organism floating above the ground.

Hypnotic compositions for piano, marimba, guitar, electronics and synthesizer draw from minimalism, but also slowcore, and drum music. Each piece is a journey through various soundscapes, textures, and sensual spaces.

The Warsaw concert is a part of the first European tour of Go Go Machine Orchestra. The explosion of sound and color (visualizations are an essential part of the concert) will be the perfect finale for the third Radio Asia music festival.

Go Go Machine Orchestra

TR Warszawa / Marszałkowska 8

December 8, 8 PM

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