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J-Dub feat. Waq Waq Kingdom

Japanese rave
6 Dec 2019, 999 Club


6 Dec 2019
6 Dec
999 Club

About the event

A night filled with Japanese dance music, a dub rave with a Japanese DJ collective and the Waq Waq Kingdom duo. The Waq Waq performance is a psychedelic mix of traditional Japanese music, Jamaican dancehall, dub, techno, and the native polyrhythms of Nintendo soundtracks. Their lyrics and visualizations are inspired by Shinto mythology and matsuri festivals, worshiping local "Kama-sama" deities. The Waq Waq concert will be followed by pop hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s, enka, elecropop, reggae, dub, minyou, and Japanese hip-hop.



Hailing from the land of rising sun, SHINS-K has a unique musical taste and you never know what to expect next from him.

He plays effortlessly between the borders of Bass Music, Hip Hop, Jungle, Dub, Techno, Noise, Ambient or even traditional african and the middle eastern sounds, avoiding genre-fication and stylistic limitations. He is also one of the curators of Arabic Hip-hop event series, ''AIWA'' (supported by MusicBoard Berlin in 2016/2017). 

He will be playing carefully selected Japanese Dub, Hip-hop, Minyou, 60's & 70's Kayou and more various Japanese music exclusivelly for the night.

MO CHAN (Team Pommes)

Mo Chan, sometimes DJ Kohlrabi, coming from visual art, cruising between
fun and depression, construction and ruination, following her instinct
for trueness.
As a member of female:pressure she has started monthly meeting of female, trans, non-binary artists in Berlin, MEETUP and is stepping over the bounderies of arts.

J-Dub feat. Waq Waq Kingdom

999, Plac Dąbrowskiego 8

December 6, 10 PM – 5 AM


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