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Baliphonics – ritual dances and rhytmes of Sri Lanka


8 December, 4 - 6 pm

TR Warszawa - small auditorium

Free entrance

A workshop devoted to drum and dance rituals from the south of Sri Lanka. An encounter with trans rites casting out the bad spirits and calling in the forces of good.

The workshop will be led by the members of Baliphonics:

Prasanna and Susantha Rupathilaka – dancers and drummers, experts in Sri Lankan drumming traditions, playing both traditional and contemporary music. They come from a musical family, their father and grandfather passed on to them the practical knowledge of the "bali" ritual, designed to cast out demons. Both brothers are members of the Sri Lankan State Dance Ensemble. Prasanna is famous for teaching the art of the traditional drums from Sri Lanka. Susantra focuses on dancing. He often performs with a group preforming Sri Lankan folk dances.

Sumudi Suraweera – jazz drummer with a PhD in ethnomusicology (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). His research focuses on drumming traditions from Sri Lanka and the "bali" rituals, which employ the sounds of drums and ecstatic dance.

Workshop in English

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