Pięć Smaków w Domu
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Taro Yasuno, The Quartet of the Living Dead (Japan)

17 Dec 2017, Mózg Powszechny

About the event

Music constructor, creator of the "Zombie Music" project. He conveys his modern, minimalist compositions through self-built installations, drawing out the sounds of wind instruments with synthetic fingers, air compressors and computer steering. Inspired by the story of Dr. Frankenstein, Taro Yasuno attempts to "revive" his instrument, at the same time minimizing the role of the musician-performer in the creative process. The result is a set non-compromising pieces made up of looped, overlapping motifs no human being would be able to perform.

Taro Yasuno - Black Magic

Taro Yasuno - The End Never Ends

Taro Yasuno - Rhapsody for the Four Horsemen

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