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South Korea
20 Oct 2014, TR WARSZAWA

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OCTOBER 20, 2014; 20:00
TR Warszawa

Li & Sa is a show inspired by Buddhist philosophy, a mixture of traditional Korean music, Buddhist dance, and mantras with the canons of modern art. Live performance is intertwined with electronic music, and the sounds are accompanied by pervasive, engrossing visualizations.

Be-Being - Shikdangjakbeop

Li & Sa project was created by the Be-being collective, composed of the most prominent Korean musicians playing traditional and modern music: Jang Young-gyu - composer (known to the Polish audience as the bass player of UhUhBoo Project), and virtuosos of traditional Koran instruments: Park Soon-a, Na Won-il, Chun Ji-yoon, Shin Won-young and Lee Seung-hee – master of the Korean opera, pansori.

One of the co-authors of the project is Jeong Gak, a young Buddhist monk, who is also one of the performers. The show is a reflection of modern sensibility, shaped by the knowledge of old art forms and their resonance in the present. It is an attempt at understanding Buddhist philosophy embodied in art, and at reinterpreting traditional Buddhist music and dance from the perspective of modern art.

The title Li & Sa refers to the notions of Do-li (reason) and Sa-sang (phenomenon), which are two different but complementary aspects of Buddhist philosophy. Li represents the intellectual path towards consciousness, Sa is an affectionate path towards sympathy. This duality is present in all Buddhist rituals and musical practices.

Be-being's process of making music explains some of the magic present in the show. The artists choose a leading motif from traditional music and transform it into elaborate musical sequences, singing, rhythm, and image – a total art, a new, interdisciplinary art form based on traditional Korean music and visual arts.

Be-Being created soundtracks for many Korean films. They are known for their cooperation with Park Chan-wook whose "Bitter, Sweet, Seoul" (South Korea, 2014), co-directed with his brother Park Chan-kyong, is a unique project dedicated to the Koran capital, made in cooperation with internauts and Be-being. A screening of the film, attended by the artists, will take place on 19th October.

The group will include the following performers:

  • Park Soon-a - Gayageum (zither)
  • Na Won-il - Piri (reed flute)
  • Shin Won-young - Janggu (hourglass drum)
  • Lee Seung-hee - Pansori (traditional Korean vocal art)
  • Chun Ji-yoon - Haegeum (two-string knee fiddle)
  • Special guests: monks Jeong Gak and Beop Soo

Available at piecsmakow.pl, ebilet.pl, in Empik stores and in TR Warszawa ticket office.

  • regular: 40 PLN
  • discount (for students under 26, retirement and disability pension holders): 30 PLN (not available at piecsmakow.pl)
  • price for Festival Pass holders: 20 PLN (only at piecsmakow.pl)

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